WekEast 2013

WekEast CoverThe East Coast is always on the rise in the car game. BeastCoast is about showing how the Atlantic has some serious passion for automobiles! Without a doubt, New Jersey goes HARD in the car game, so what better venue for the east coast’s elites to converge than the Jersey Shore. Over 300 of the East Coast’s vehicles covered the convention center floor among a crowd of thousands spanning from Maine to Florida.

Coverage by: Viccheat Sim – Hunter Kelley – Matt Gaumont – Ivan Jimenez – Alex Soloway – Jared Cabral (untagged)

Flipzco cars looking right!!

Respect OG’sGT-Spec / Ultimate Autobody FRS stealing the show. This thing is FLAWLESSBeautifully done CRX. R32 – R33 – R34 – R35Love this thing!We will be featuring Adam’s S15 soon!JSutai cars killlllling it as usual!PerfectoUNREALShout out to Miro Sutai and his insanely clean M3LS TWOOORyan’s Miata is interesting to say the leastRocket Bunny!SR20 thoughhh!Party at the Canibeat booth!!This Guy!!Our good friend Ahmad came all the way from Florida to represent!This RL is PERFECTBlue Chrome Wrapped TSX Wagon. RARESo Good girls are So Good!LC REPPIN!!Dapper Fam in FULL FORCEHello Mr Durnak😀Eddie is killin it with the new wheel color!I spy a BeastCoast decal!!NSX feature coming soon!Rudy and Rizz reppin hard for Mass!!We hope you guys enjoyed a little look at WekEast 2013. As you can see, this is one of the east’s premier shows that should not be missed. Thanks to the WekFest crew and everyone who puts this event together. We got so much love from everyone at WekEast and will be back for the 3rd time at WekEast next year!!!

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