Life of Lux

Modifying a car is easy. Cleanly modifying one is more difficult. But modifying a luxury car, is a task in its own. How do you modify a Lexus IS350 without ruining it? By going the extra mile. Names like Ings and Wald grace this car and create an OEM+ look that cant be topped. We bring you Thanh Nguyens’ fitted IS350 shot by Elias Sequeira.

instagram-logo1 @southstar01118    /   @viciouze    /    @beastcoast_
                              Thanh         /          Elias      /       BeastCoast                


19×9.5/19×11 Varrstoen ES7 looking PERFECT

A+ on the fitment, this is unreal!

Ings front lip
Gfx side skirt with added diffuser
My ride rear diffuser
Wald spoiler
M2 axle back exhaust
Vipout tray
F sport shift know f sport floor mat
Bc racing coilover
Varrastoen es7
19×9.5 +22 19×11 +25
Hankook v12 Evo tires

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