A “fad” is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived. Fads come and go, but timeless styling cues never go out of style. Jared’s latest build is a perfect example of that. His FD is like your favorite beer. A beer that when you walk into a bar, no matter what the special is, you get a tall glass. It is always good.
Words: Thanasi Chalkiadakis / Images: Matthew Gaumont

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Don’t Call It a Comeback

IMG_9604 copy

What better way to make our feature comeback in 2016 than starting with a car like Lee Zheng’s Nismo 370Z!? We’ve been quietly following Lee’s build for some time and it was well worth the wait. This is easily one of the best Z builds coming out of New England, and knowing Lee, it’s not the end of this fairlady’s journey. Photos: Collin Stankard / Words: Matthew Gaumont

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Blue Streak | Evans’ Laid R


Evan is one of those guys who lets his car do the talking. He’s super quiet but always seems deep in thought. Maybe on dinner, maybe on work, maybe on what wheels he wants next. Whatever it is, his mind has certainly led him in the right direction with his R. This car is one of those crowd pleaser types. You can bring it to a meet and get love from enthusiasts, or park it in the city and get looks and admiration from all. The blue and gold combo is one that isn’t supposed to work but does, and damn well! It took two shoots to compile the following set but thanks to Evans patience, Eric Banash and I got it done! Check Evan out on IG at @dutchmastr9.
Photos and Words: Eric Banash & Matt Gaumont

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The Collective 2015


The Collective After Movie. Shot by one of our great friends Mikey Osowski (@not_yekim / The Collective is a handpicked selection of New England’s finest cars and people! As an Invite Only event, The Collective has been successful in being a very organized and chill meet with none of the issues and immaturity that comes from open event while managing to attract nothing less than feature worthy vehicles. This after movie is just a slice of what BeastCoast brings to the table in the east coast automotive scene. Keep an eye out to see what we have in store for 2016!!

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Respect Your Elders | Peter Kaczynski’s E24

@b.a.cinema / @peterkacxynski

Formula Drift Photo Set | Matt Gaumont


This Formula Drift season has been one of the best yet. With aggressive rookies trying to prove themselves amongst the most seasoned vets, the competition is reaching new heights. Heavy rain looming and ridiculous rain ponchos in hand, Jared Cabral and myself set out to capture the rawest of all Formula Drift stops, known simply as The Gauntlet. The following is a selection of my best and favorite photos from FDNJ 2015. – Matt

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Long Overdue


Good things come to those who wait…or in our case…good things come to those who slack. I’ve been wanting to shoot Mina’s car for two years. Every time I’d see him It would be “Bro lets shoot soon!”, and it would never happen. But in 2015, we finally got it done, and it was well worth the wait. Mina’s CC is at its peak and we were there to catch the “ICE” in all its glory.

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So Influential | Shaun Fulton’s Supercharged M3

We make it our job to search out the east coasts best cars. When we saw Shaun ( @m3narich ) flexin’ on IG, it caught our attention like any supercharged M3 would. Fast forward a few weeks, and we’re at The Devils Tower in Jersey. The rest is history. Shout out to Brett @b.a.cinema on another dope video.

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